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Discover one of Germany's finest Guitar Rock trios & their brilliant Classic Rock tracks - truly a must for every Rock fan!

The powerful guitar rock trio JANCREE with singer & bass player OLAF STEFFENS, drummer KLAUS SCHMID and guitarist CHRISTIAN GASCH is one of Germanys top Rock trios.

First formed as a Rock-Fusion project in the late 80s, JANCREE has continuously developed itself to an outstanding Rock trio over the years.

The band has released eight albums so far - which brought them rewarded feedback from the press and their fans - and also the DVD "THE CAMERA VIEW" (including many insight material and information around the band such as their TV appearances, excerpts from their live shows, a live video clip and many more). With many radio interviews, various TV appearances and far more than 500 concerts throughout Germany they have established themselves as a furious live act of high quality in Rock.

Now they're on tour with the new live concept "A TRIBUTE TO ROCK CLASSICS" performing enthusiastic own songs from their albums plus convincing interpretations of songs from world famous three piece bands such as RORY GALLAGHER, STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, ZZ TOP, JIMI HENDRIX or larger groups as THIN LIZZY, LED ZEPPELIN, WHITESNAKE, VAN HALEN, GARY MOORE & co. All in a packing trio arrangement presented by three extraordinary musicians.

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Some Press Articles:

"If you're into handmade three piece Guitar Rock with excellent song writing, magnificent guitar work, driving bass lines, polished & powerful drum grooves and very catchy melodic hook lines you gotta check out the German Guitar Rock trio JANCREE!!!" - Rock Scene Mag

"THE SOLITARY DREAM : simply a brilliantly recorded three piece Guitar Rock album including the single THE KIND OF LOVE THAT LIES that made them take a big step onto the German Rock scene. " - Hard Rock Mag

"Together with guitarist & producer Chris Oz from Mannheim (Germany) at the mixing desk the trio succeeded in recording the fine maxi-CD BIZARRE THINKING containing the two pearls BIZARRE THINKING and FIRST BE YOURSELF. And also a very intensive acoustic version of SWAYING ARMS with a totally new arrangement. " - INTRO

"Their eighth album THE SCORE has become a real Rock statement: 14 (!) brand new studio tracks recorded with the new line-up. This very complex trio work convinces through remarkable songwriting, magnificent guitar work, driving bass lines, polished & powerful drum grooves and very catchy melodic hooklines. This all matches perfectly with the lyric content of the longplayer. THE SCORE : a provisional appraisal, honest statements of three far advanced rock musicians. Truly a must for every CD collection!" - YourMusicAndMore (Aug 02, 2010)

"Their excellent produced double live album NIGHT MOVES does not only show their intensive live power by playing outstanding interpretations of songs from many great rock legends and their brilliant own songs, it also gives an idea to the listener of what the atmosphere is like when you join a JANCREE concert. " - Music Enterprises

"With the single LUCK COMES SLOW / FOR JUST ONE DAY the three boys once again emphasized their qualities as songrwiters: catchy hooks, straight instrumentation and the required power of an outstanding Rock trio - a hit! And in addition to that a high quality production in cooperation with the renowned German music agency MUSIC ENTERPRISES directed by two of the Beat Brothers Arno Martin and Franz Matejcek . " - ProgAndRollMag

"The compilation BACKDATES shows the whole musical bandwidth of JANCREE with tracks from the early stages (including their debut single RUN AWAY WITH YOU) up to the tracks from the LUCK COMES SLOW - maxi plus three previously unreleased bonus tracks. " - Music Enterprises Germany

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  • Schaut euch das Video 'Through an Artist's Eyes' vom US Amerikanischen Künstler, Grafik- und Website Designer Barry Langford an: - Er hat bei dieser Episode über seine Arbeit den JANCREE Track 'No-Man's-Land' verwendet.